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November 30, 2021 - Staff Reviews

Country Proud
By Linda Lael Miller
Release Date: April 27, 2021
Ebook Available from WV Reads!

2 Stars - A quirky Christmas, cowboy romance that doesn't quite meet my usual standards for Miller. Brynne and Eli's story lacked a vibrance that would my hold my attention. Both have a lot of baggage, not just with their former relationship. But I expect this ticks all the usual boxes of country romance fans and the author's classy style made it worth a try.

The plot sounded great in theory: small towm bartender and hunky local sheriff rekindle their high school romance. But these two had so much going on in their heads and not even on the page. Eli had the cowboy cop thing down, but he was kind of dumb. He admits in his head that he betrayed his high school sweetheart. But when he reaches out and she's reluctant, he can't even give a simple apology. Brynne and I did not mesh. She refuses to date cops, not so much because they have a dangerous career but because her ex cheated on her. That just didn't compute.

This series has me longing for Miller's Big Sky or Wedding series. This one doesn't have the bubbly, fun feel or the dynamic romantic tension. I was hoping "Strong" was a fluke but I was disappointed in "Proud " too. This one just fell pretty flat for me. Nothing about the first few pages of this book grabbed me. Eli's experience as a cop is pretty much thrown in as information dump rather than an exciting intro. And he came off as really old for a romantic lead, like past middle age. No one under the age of 60 thinks of a smart watch as a Dick Tracy gizmo. Brynne was also hard to relate to at first. She can't get the hang of email? Her attitude toward sex wasn't exactly likely to be understood by prudes or the happily permiscuous or anyone in between. And why we were talking about it on page fifteen, I didn't know. Then, sadly, I was just never hooked. There's a curious lack of early feedback on this book so I can't tell if it's just me. Fans of sweet, holiday romances may find something sparkling here, but I'd say a very open mind is needed.


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November 29, 2021 - New Arrivals

November 29, 2021

Adult Fiction

A Darker Reality by Anne Perry.

On her first trip to Washington, D.C., Elena Standish finally gets to visit her American mother's wealthy parents and their magnificent home. Elena's grandparents are marking a milestone anniversary by throwing an elaborate party with the influential friends of her grandfather, a prominent political industrialist. Even President and First Lady Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt are there, and Elena takes pride in capturing the illustrious guests on camera. But the festivities come to a sudden and tragic end when one of the guests, Lila Worth, is run over by a car in the driveway outside. Elena believes Lila was trying to tell her something before her death, and when a call from her employer back home, MI6, confirms that Lila was a British spy, Elena pairs with a fellow agent to find out what vital information the young woman had in her possession. Soon an arrest is made in Lila's murder, and to Elena's horror, the accused is none other than her own grandfather, who claims his political enemies are trying to frame him. But who are these enemies, and how can Elena defend this man she barely knows? Nevertheless, determined to clear his name and save her family from disgrace, she delves into the details of her grandfather's investments and discovers that his business secrets run deep. As Elena begins to question his loyalties, she wonders if she can trust anyone in this threatening new world order.


The Eighth Detective by Alex Pavesi.

Grant McAllister, a professor of mathematics, once sat down and worked all the rules out - and wrote seven perfect detective stories to demonstrate. But that was thirty years ago. Now Grant lives in seclusion on a remote Mediterranean island, counting the rest of his days. Until Julia Hart, a brilliant, ambitious editor knocks on his door. Julia wishes to republish his book, and together they must revisit those old stories: an author hiding from his past and an editor keen to understand it. But there are things in the stories that don't add up. Inconsistencies left by Grant that a sharp-eyed editor begins to suspect are more than mistakes. They may be clues, and Julia finds herself with a mystery of her own to solve.


The Motion of the Body Through Space by Lionel Shriver.

After an ignominious early retirement, Remington announces to his wife Serenata that he's decided to run a marathon. This from a sedentary man in his sixties who's never done a lick of exercise in his life. His wife can't help but observe that his ambition is "hopelessly trite." A loner, Serenata disdains mass group activities of any sort. Besides, his timing is cruel. Serenata has long been the couple's exercise freak, but by age sixty, her private fitness regimes have destroyed her knees, and she'll soon face debilitating surgery. Yes, becoming more active would be good for Remington's heart, but then why not just go for a walk? Without several thousand of your closest friends? As Remington joins the cult of fitness that increasingly consumes the Western world, her once-modest husband burgeons into an unbearable narcissist. Ignoring all his other obligations, he engages a saucy, sexy personal trainer named Bambi, who treats Serenata with contempt. When Remington sets his sights on the legendarily grueling triathlon, MettleMan, Serenata is sure he'll end up injured or dead. And even if he does survive, their marriage may not.


Adult Non-Fiction

The Old Farmer’s Almanac: 2022 by Robert B. Thomas.

“Happy New Almanac Year! It’s time to celebrate the 230th edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac! Long recognized as North America’s most-beloved and best-selling annual, this handy yellow book fulfills every need and expectation as a calendar of the heavens, a time capsule of the year, an essential reference that reads like a magazine. Always timely, topical, and distinctively “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor,” the Almanac is consulted daily throughout the year by users from all walks of life. The 2022 edition contains the fun facts, predictions, and feature items that have made it a cultural icon: traditionally 80 percent–accurate weather forecasts; notable astronomical events and time-honored astrological dates; horticultural, culinary, fashion, and other trends; historical hallmarks; best fishing days; time- and money-saving garden advice; recipes for delicious dishes; facts on folklore, farmers, home remedies, and husbandry; amusements and contests; plus too much more to mention—all in the inimitable Almanac style that has charmed and educated readers since 1792.” – Amazon.com


Caste by Isabel Wilkerson.

Beyond race, class, or other factors, there is a powerful caste system that influences people's lives and behavior and the nation's fate. Linking the caste systems of America, India, and Nazi Germany, Wilkerson explores eight pillars that underlie caste systems across civilizations, including divine will, bloodlines, stigma, and more. Using riveting stories about people--including Martin Luther King, Jr., baseball's Satchel Paige, a single father and his toddler son, Wilkerson herself, and many others--she shows the ways that the insidious undertow of caste is experienced every day. She documents how the Nazis studied the racial systems in America to plan their out-cast of the Jews; she discusses why the cruel logic of caste requires that there be a bottom rung for those in the middle to measure themselves against; she writes about the surprising health costs of caste, in depression and life expectancy, and the effects of this hierarchy on our culture and politics. Finally, she points forward to ways America can move beyond the artificial and destructive separations of human divisions, toward hope in our common humanity.


Easy/Juvenile/Young Adult/Graphic Novel

Night of the Spadefoot Toads by Bill Harley.  J

When his family moves from Tucson, Arizona to Massachusetts, fifth-grader Ben has a hard time leaving the desert he loves, but when he finds a kindred spirit in his science teacher and ends up trying to help her with some of her problems, he finally begins to feel at home.


Run, Book 1 by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, L. Fury, & Nate Powell. YA GN

To John Lewis, the civil rights movement came to an end with the signing of the Voting Rights Act in 1965. But that was after more than five years as one of the preeminent figures of the movement, leading sit-in protests and fighting segregation on interstate busways as an original Freedom Rider. It was after becoming chairman of SNCC (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and being the youngest speaker at the March on Washington. It was after helping organize the Mississippi Freedom Summer and the ensuing delegate challenge at the 1964 Democratic National Convention. And after co-leading the march from Selma to Montgomery on what became known as "Bloody Sunday." All too often, the depiction of history ends with a great victory. But John Lewis knew that victories are just the beginning.

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November 26, 2021 - WV Author of the Month

Brooke County Libraries are proud to feature November's WV WV Author of the Month: Marc Harshman!

Let us know if you have some favorites of his work. We'd love to hear from you in our comment section below or on any of our social media pages.

Marc Harshman is the poet laureate of West Virginia, appointed by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin in May 2012. His poems have appeared in such publications as Shenandoah, The Georgia Review, The Progressive, Appalachian Heritage, Bateau, and Fourteen Hills. Other poems have been anthologized by Kent State University, the University of Iowa, University of Georgia, and the University of Arizona.

His eleven children's books include ONLY ONE, a Reading Rainbow review title on PBS TV and THE STORM, a Junior Library Guild selection and Smithsonian Notable Book Parent's Choice Award recipient. Booklist has called this same title "a knowing book that will speak to all children about self-image and hard-won success."

Mr. Harshman was honored in 1994 by receiving the Ezra Jack Keats/ Kerlan Collection Fellowship from the University of Minnesota for research of Scandinavian myth and folklore. He was also named the West Virginia State English Teacher of the Year by the West Virginia English Language Arts Council in 1995. More recently, he was named the recipient of the WV Arts Commission Fellowship in Poetry for the year 2000 and the Fellowship in Children's Literature for 2008. His children's titles have been published in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Danish, and Swedish.

Marc is fondly known by many as a storyteller who served for over twenty years as a judge for the WV Liar's Contest held at the Vandalia Gathering in Charleston, WV. He has also served as an instructor for the historic Appalachian Writer's Workshop at the Hindman Settlement School in Hindman, KY.

Marc holds degrees from Bethany College, Yale Divinity School, and the University of Pittsburgh. He recently received an honorary doctorate from Bethany College in recognition of his life's work.

In honor of West Virginia's Sesquicentennial, Marc was commissioned by the Wheeling National Heritage Area to write a poem celebrating this event. This poem, "A Song for West Virginia," was presented in both Charleston and Wheeling as part of the day-long festivities held that day. (less)

 Images and info are courtesy of Google, Wikipedia, Goodreads, and author web pages.

Check out Fallingwater, one of Marc's beloved stories, on WV Reads ebooks!

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November 24, 2021 - Staff Reviews


Against All Enemies
By Tom Clancy & Peter Telep
Release Date: June 14, 2011
Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3.5 Stars - Not exactly vintage action from Clancy but exciting anyway. This standalone has more villians than heroes but a few surprised me. Maxwell Moore was a very intriguing hero who is at the same is a veteran operator but also just getting started.

Peter Telep's influence seemed a little heavier than some of Clancy's other coauthors. There's not usually so much emphasis on weapons and procedures, though as always getting a look into the spy mind is interesting. But the crispness of the action sequences are spotlight as usual. Moore is a hero with touches of some other Clancy characters but still unique. His SEAL training is outlined for us but his personal life is a bit of a mess. Of course. It's hard to be a spy and have a life.

There were so many characters running around that no doubt some will have trouble keeping track. But that's nothing new in the Clancy-verse world. And this isn't a bad book to either start into the Jack Ryan world or just fill a weekend since it's all entirely new people. Moore goes through a handful of sidekicks depending on the time and place but they're all fun. The drug dealers and empire family members are very entertaining, even surprisingly likable. The terrorists on the other hand are clearly ruthless and their level of cleverness takes awhile to determine. This also felt like there was a touch of cringey-ness, a bit more gruesome violence, sex, and evil villians than usual. At times, the violence is enough to make even a tough reader squirm but it's easily forgotten in the breathless pace. Yes, there's a lot of wordy description and info dump sections. But once you get comfortable or maybe relax even, things pick back up again. Not exactly what an avid Clancy fan would expect but still very impressive compared against many newer action thrillers.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

November 23, 2021 - A Book & A Recipe

Hello again book and food lovers! For November 2021, we are featuring out Dinner & a Recipe idea: West Ravenel's Favorite Puree of Spring Vegetable Soup. We pulled this from the lovely period romance Devil's Daughter by Lisa Kleypas.

Good news is that is may be fall but these Spring veggies should be available, unlike in the Ravenel's time, at your local store for a wonderful, warming Fall soup day! Per Kleypas, you can substitute with pretty much any vegetables you like or have handy.

Here we go...

1 large (or two small) zucchinis
1 large yellow summer squash
2 regular carrots (or baby carrots equal)
1 red or yellow bell pepper
2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil
1 tsp minced garlic
1 chopped yellow onion
1 quart of chicken or vegetable broth
1/4 cup of tomato paste
1 14-oz can of white beans, rinsed and drained
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of black pepper
1 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp dried oregano
1/2 cup of heavy cream or half and half

  1. Chop veggies into half-inch pieces for blending.
  2. Melt the butter in a large pot on med. high heat.
  3. Add garlic, onion, and other chopped veggies to pot and saute to 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Add broth, tomato paste, beans, and seasonings and herbs. Bring to boil and then turn down to simmer.
  5. Cook for at least 30 minutes or until everything is super tender.
  6. Either blend with hand blender or a regular stand blender. For stand blender, do batches so you do not overfill.
  7. Add the cream at the end and more seasoning for flavor if desired. 

Serve with buttered croutons or a grilled cheese sandwich for a hearty meal!

Check out the ebook available from WV Reads!


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November 22, 2021 - New Arrivals

November 22, 2021

Adult Fiction

The World Played Chess by Robert Dugoni.

In 1979, Vincent Bianco has just graduated high school. His only desire: collect a little beer money and enjoy his final summer before college. So he lands a job as a laborer on a construction crew. Working alongside two Vietnam vets, one suffering from PTSD, Vincent gets the education of a lifetime. Now forty years later, with his own son leaving for college, the lessons of that summer--Vincent's last taste of innocence and first taste of real life--dramatically unfold in a novel about breaking away, shaping a life, and seeking one's own destiny.


War Lord by Bernard Cornwell.

"The epic conclusion to the globally bestselling historical series. England is under attack. Chaos reigns. Northumbria, the last kingdom, is threatened by armies from all sides, by land and sea – and only one man stands in their way. Torn between loyalty and sworn oaths, the warrior king Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg faces his greatest ever battle – and prepares for his ultimate fate…" -- Amazon.com.


The Dutch House by Ann Patchett.

At the end of the Second World War, Cyril Conroy combines luck and a single canny investment to begin an enormous real estate empire, propelling his family from poverty to enormous wealth. His first order of business is to buy the Dutch House, a lavish estate in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. Meant as a surprise for his wife, the house sets in motion the undoing of everyone he loves. Cyril's son Danny and his older sister Maeve are exiled from the house where they grew up by their stepmother. The two wealthy siblings are thrown back into the poverty their parents had escaped from and find that all they have to count on is one another.


Adult Non-Fiction

Urban Quilting by Wendy Chow.

A comprehensive guide for both first-time quilters and those looking for a refresher course, Urban Quilting teaches you everything you need to know about this timeless craft. Each pattern contains instructions for three different quilt sizes, with designs that feature bold colors and geometric shapes that will stand out and look stunning in your home.


Kennedy’s Avenger by Dan Abrams & David Fisher.

No crime in history had more eyewitnesses. On November 24, 1963, two days after the killing of President Kennedy, a troubled nightclub owner named Jack Ruby quietly slipped into the Dallas police station and assassinated the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Millions of Americans witnessed the killing on live television, and yet the event would lead to questions for years to come. It also would help to spark the conspiracy theories that have continued to resonate today. Under the long shadow cast by the assassination of America's beloved president, few would remember the bizarre trial that followed three months later in Dallas, Texas. How exactly does one defend a man who was seen pulling the trigger in front of millions? And, more important, how did Jack Ruby, who fired point-blank into Oswald live on television, die an innocent man? Featuring a colorful cast of characters, including the nation's most flamboyant lawyer pitted against a tough-as-Texas prosecutor, award-winning authors Dan Abrams and David Fisher unveil the astonishing details behind the first major trial of the television century. While it was Jack Ruby who appeared before the jury, it was also the city of Dallas and the American legal system being judged by the world.


Easy/Juvenile/Young Adult/Graphic Novel

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.  YA

Avery Grambs has a plan for a better future: survive high school, win a scholarship, and get out. But her fortunes change in an instant when billionaire Tobias Hawthorne dies and leaves Avery virtually his entire fortune. The catch? Avery has no idea why -- or even who Tobias Hawthorne is. To receive her inheritance, Avery must move into sprawling, secret passage-filled Hawthorne House, where every room bears the old man's touch -- and his love of puzzles, riddles, and codes. Unfortunately for Avery, Hawthorne House is also occupied by the family that Tobias Hawthorne just dispossessed. This includes the four Hawthorne grandsons: dangerous, magnetic, brilliant boys who grew up with every expectation that one day, they would inherit billions. Heir apparent Grayson Hawthorne is convinced that Avery must be a conwoman, and he's determined to take her down. His brother, Jameson, views her as their grandfather's last hurrah: a twisted riddle, a puzzle to be solved. Caught in a world of wealth and privilege, with danger around every turn, Avery will have to play the game herself just to survive.


Who Would Win? Hornet vs. Wasp by Jerry Pallotta.  J NF

What would happen if a hornet and a wasp had a fight? Who do you think would win? This nonfiction reader compares and contrasts two ferocious insects. Readers will learn about each animal's anatomy, behavior, and more. Then compare and contrast the battling pair before finally discovering the winner!

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Friday, November 19, 2021

November 19, 2021 - Staff Reviews

 Tokyo Ever After
By: Emiko Jean
YA Fiction

Image courtesy of WV Reads

Would give this a 4 star review. Loved it. Thought it was a super cute young adult book that mirrored Princess Diaries (which I am a fan of the series) and did a similar take on becoming a princess is NOT all fun and games. Touched upon a little bit of the darker side where there are pitfalls in who you interact with, how you act, backstabbing, disloyalty, etc. when you are someone in the public eye be it a dignitary, royalty, etc.

As much as I really wanted the author to wrap it up a bit more neatly, I also felt like they did a good job in showing that the ending is not necessarily all bows and cake. But that it is a work in progress for those involved. Would recommend to someone who enjoyed YA lit, loved learning about different cultures in a different way, and who loves a sort of fairy tale.


Wednesday, November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021 - BCPL Resume Tips

 Brooke County Libraries - Resume Tip #13

Not sure what to do about the education section of your resume? We have a few suggestions.

The education section seems to be one everyone is uncertain how to format. Whether you have many certifications and degress or only a high school GED, it can be confusing how to set the information on display.

Here's our recommended format for the Education section. You want to go in chronological order. We do not recommend including the addresses of these institutions unless you are looking to fill up space. Most employers will be able to verify by the use of a simple internet look up tool. They can also always reach out to you if they are interested in more, and that gives you a chance to connect with your future employer.

Education & Certifications
Duquesne University - Masters of Business Administration - 2020
West Virginia University - BA in Accounting - 2018
St. Mary's High School - Graduated with Honors - 2013

WVNCC Community College - Business Essential Certification Program - 2019


Education & Certifications
WVNCC Community College - Business Essential Certification Program - 2019
WV GED - Program Completed 2011

We also recommend listing your education and certifications after your job history and before your references.

Until next month job seekers! Remember your local library, wherever you are, will have resources to help you in your job search. They will be happy to help.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

November 16, 2021 - Staff Reviews

Someone to Watch Over Me
By Ace Atkins (based on Robert B Parker)
Release Date: January 12, 2021
Ebook Available from WV Reads!

2 Stars - A weak entry in the beloved Spenser series. The blurb is pretty much what you get here, Spenser and his protege of sorts Mattie tailing a creep who targets teenage girls. This was mildly entertaining but not quite a thriller as the private investigators banter and navigate this weird case.

I'll be honest, I don't come to this book as a die hard fan of the series like so many. I've read a few Parker novels, all by Parker, because they're short and I like PI novels. They make good filler books. Atkins' work is more familiar to me, but I think I picked the wrong book to try here. Spenser may be technically about 90 years old by this 50th or so entry series. But I respect the way authors can tweak their timelines so it doesn't bother me. He does come off a bit out of sorts here though, along with his good buddy hawk. They're content to mostly let Mattie take the reins. And Mattie's a bit too hard to like, even right off the bat. She's a bit too young and brash to take the lead.

The plot should be the driving force here, a web of mystery for Spenser and his counterparts to untangle. Atkins and Parker have similar gritty styles and he's not new to this fictional world. But by Chapter Ten or so, it's obvious we're not in for a lot action or intrigue. A bad man hires a really dumb teenager for massage. That teen sort of gets taken under the wing of this ragtag bunch, but she's just annoying to me. Now, Atkins I know is a fan of having a big villian lurking in the shadows (even specifically one that prays on young girls). But I've read that before and I wasn't super invested in revealing and taking down that guy who will inevitably be involved in a larger sex trafficking ring than originally suspected. Even as someone not engrossed in the series, this book feels kinda phoned in. Sure, it's a quick and easy read, revisiting many of Parker's beloved characters who Atkins seems able to embrace. So if it's part of your reading routine to hit all these, go for it. Otherwise, I'd say skip it and go for something with a bit juicier mystery.

Monday, November 15, 2021

November 15, 2021 - New Arrivals

November 15, 2021

Adult Fiction

The Walnut Creek Wish by Wanda E. Brunstetter.

Welcome to Walnut Creek, Ohio, where Orley and Lois Troyer own an antique store they call "Memory Keepers." Though knowledgeable in antiques and their repair, their real talent is in mentoring folks who are hurting and don't even know it. Enter Jeff, a restaurateur, and Rhonda, a hotel manager, who recently moved to Amish country for the slow pace, but the change of scenery puts even more stress on their already strained marriage. Will an antique sled be the last straw, or will it lead to unexpected revelations and the fulfillment of dreams?


While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams.

Avery Keene, a brilliant young law clerk for the legendary Justice Howard Wynn, is doing her best to hold her life together--excelling in an arduous job with the court while also dealing with a troubled family. When the shocking news breaks that Justice Wynn--the cantankerous swing vote on many current high-profile cases--has slipped into a coma, Avery's life turns upside down. She is immediately notified that Justice Wynn has left instructions for her to serve as his legal guardian and power of attorney. Plunged into an explosive role she never anticipated, Avery finds that Justice Wynn had been secretly researching one of the most controversial cases before the court--a proposed merger between an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm, which promises to unleash breathtaking results in the medical field. She also discovers that Wynn suspected a dangerously related conspiracy that infiltrates the highest power corridors of Washington. As political wrangling ensues in Washington to potentially replace the ailing judge whose life and survival Avery controls, she begins to unravel a carefully constructed, chess-like sequence of clues left behind by Wynn. She comes to see that Wynn had a much more personal stake in the controversial case and realizes his complex puzzle will lead her directly into harm's way in order to find the truth.


The Stolen Hours by Allen Eskens.

Lila Nash is on the verge of landing her dream job--working as a prosecutor under the Hennepin County Attorney--and has settled into a happy life with her boyfriend, Joe Talbert. But when a woman is pulled from the Mississippi River, barely alive, things in the office take a personal turn. The police believe the woman's assailant is local photographer Gavin Spenser, but the case quickly flounders as the evidence wears thin. It seems Gavin saw this investigation coming--and no one can imagine how carefully he has prepared. The more determined Lila is to put Gavin behind bars, the more elusive justice becomes. Battling a vindictive new boss and haunted by the ghosts of her own unspeakable attack, which she's kept a dark secret for eight long years, Lila knows the clock is ticking down. In a race against an evil mastermind, it will take everything Lila's got to outsmart a killer--and to escape the dark hold of her own past.


Adult Non-Fiction

The Burning Blue by Kevin Cook.

On January 28, 1986, NASA's space shuttle Challenger exploded after blasting off from Cape Canaveral. Christa McAuliffe, America's "Teacher in Space," was instantly killed, along with the other six members of the mission. At least that's what most of us remember. Kevin Cook tells us what really happened on that ill-fated, unforgettable day. He traces the pressures--leading from NASA to the White House--that triggered the fatal order to launch on an ice-cold Florida morning. Cook takes readers inside the shuttle for the agonizing minutes after the explosion, which the astronauts did indeed survive. He uncovers the errors and corner-cutting that led an overconfident space agency to launch a crew that had no chance to escape. But this is more than a corrective to a now-dimming memory. Centering on McAuliffe, a charmingly down-to-earth civilian on the cusp of history, The Burning Blue animates a colorful cast of characters: a pair of red-hot flyers at the shuttle's controls, the second female and first Jewish astronaut, the second Black astronaut, and the first Asian American and Buddhist in space. Drawing vivid portraits of Christa and the astronauts, Cook makes readers forget the fate they're hurtling toward. With drama, immediacy, and shocking surprises, he reveals the human price the Challenger crew and America paid for politics, capital-P Progress, and the national dream of "reaching for the stars."


The Reporter Who Knew Too Much by Mark Shaw.

Was What's My Line TV Star, media icon, and crack investigative reporter and journalist Dorothy Kilgallen murdered for writing a tell-all book about the JFK assassination? If so, is the main suspect in her death still at large? These questions and more are answered in former CNN, ESPN, and USA Today legal analyst Mark Shaw's 25th book, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much.   Through discovery of never-before-seen videotaped eyewitness interviews with those closest to Kilgallen and secret government documents, Shaw unfolds a "whodunit" murder mystery featuring suspects including Frank Sinatra, J. Edgar Hoover, Mafia Don Carlos Marcello and a "Mystery Man" who may have silenced Kilgallen. All while by presenting through Kilgallen's eyes the most compelling evidence about the JFK assassinations since the House Select Committee on Assassination's investigation in the 1970s. Called by the New York Post, "the most powerful female voice in America," and by acclaimed author Mark Lane the "the only serious journalist in America who was concerned with who killed John Kennedy and getting all of the facts about the assassination," Kilgallen's official cause of death reported as an overdose of barbiturates combined with alcohol, has always been suspect since no investigation occurred despite the death scene having been staged. Shaw proves Kilgallen, a remarkable woman who broke the "glass ceiling" before the term became fashionable, was denied the justice she deserved, that is until now.


Easy/Juvenile/Young Adult/Graphic Novel

Amelia Erroway: Castaway Commander by B. C. Peterschmidt.  J GN

Forbidden to become a pilot by her overprotective father, Amelia Erroway yearns to command her own airship. To prove her worth, she sets off alone on her father's prized craft. But disaster strikes: A fierce storm crashes her ship in uncharted lands and Amelia, now a castaway, must use her wits to survive. With the help of Rastor and Fynley, brothers who live deep in the Juniper rainforest, Amelia is determined to repair her airship and, with her newly formed crew, fly home.


Hello, Mandarin Duck! by Bao Phi.  E

On their way to a May Day parade, twins Hue and Hoa spy a confused-looking duck and try to help it reach the pond, while neighbors from many countries offer help and greetings in different languages.

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

November 11, 2021 - Book Club Preview

Brooke County Libraries are excited to feature our November 2021 Book Club Pick! We're reading The Innocent by David Baldacci. 

Our meeting will be held on Thursday November 18, 2021 at 5 pm at BCPL and virtually on Zoom. Remember, this our last one for the year!

About the book:

It begins with a hit gone wrong. Robie is dispatched to eliminate a target unusually close to home in Washington, D.C. But something about this mission doesn't seem right to Robie, and he does the unthinkable. He refuses to kill. Now, Robie becomes a target himself and must escape from his own people.

Fleeing the scene, Robie crosses paths with a wayward teenage girl, a fourteen-year-old runaway from a foster home. But she isn't an ordinary runaway -- her parents were murdered, and her own life is in danger. Against all of his professional habits, Robie rescues her and finds he can't walk away. He needs to help her.

Even worse, the more Robie learns about the girl, the more he's convinced she is at the center of a vast cover-up, one that may explain her parents' deaths and stretch to unimaginable levels of power.

Now, Robie may have to step out of the shadows in order to save this girl's life... and perhaps his own.

Images and info are courtesy of Google, Goodreads, and author web pages.

 About the author:

David Baldacci has been writing since childhood, when his mother gave him a lined notebook in which to write down his stories. (Much later, when David thanked her for being the spark that ignited his writing career, she revealed that she’d given him the notebook to keep him quiet, "because every mom needs a break now and then.”) He published his first novel, Absolute Power, in 1996; it was subsequently adapted for film, with Clint Eastwood as its director and star. In total, David has published 41 novels for adults; all have been national and international bestsellers, and several have been adapted for film and television. His books are published in over 45 languages and in more than 80 countries, with 150 million copies sold worldwide. David has also published seven novels for younger readers.

David and his wife, Michelle, are the co-founders of the Wish You Well Foundation®, which supports family and adult literacy programs in the United States. In 2008 the Foundation partnered with Feeding America to launch Feeding Body & Mind, a program to address the connection between literacy, poverty and hunger. Through Feeding Body & Mind, more than 1 million new and used books have been collected and distributed through food banks to families in need.

A lifelong Virginian, David is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia School of Law.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

November 9, 2021 - Staff Reviews

Love is a Rogue
By Lenora Bell
Release Date: October 27, 2021
Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3.5 Stars - A pleasant surprise from an author new to me. This fun, flirty historical romance has a very memorable couple. Beatrice's a scholarly girl who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Which ends up making her a perfect match for carpenter Ford, who of course is also a repentant rogue. The banter and sparks between these two kept me going in this slightly overlong novel.

Bell's writing really grabbed me at first, but I have to admit at times I didn't mind putting this one aside. There's a few suspenseful scenes and a few more romantic ones. But it could be awhile in between exciting moments. I really enjoyed Beatrice, though I think I can see why she would annoy some readers. She's definitely prickly. And her word obsession is everywhere. But I felt for her and her wallflower personality. Stamford Wright was a unique hero for a historical. He's no nobleman and prefers to work with his hands. But he also likes to read and wholly supports Beatrice in all her endeavors, crazy or not.

There's a few interesting side characters like Beatrice's brother who is mysteriously absent most of the book. She also has a quirky group of girlfriends who masquerade as knitters to take part is some revelry. It's mostly all Beatrice and Ford though, no side couples. At times, the perspective of Ford was too similar to Beatrice. I think the idea was to showcase the effect they had on one another. But with this written in 3rd person, a stronger set of separate voices may have been beneficial. The relationship between these two was oddly paced. The build up from kisses to more is really slow but not without steamy encounters in between. Mostly these two are resisting each other and failing, which makes for quite a fun ride. But their reasoning for holding back is a bit shaky. Toward the end, it gets downright silly. And that made the book feel a bit too long at like 375 pages. It probably could have been told in one hundred less pages but I was enjoying it so I never mind some extra chapters.


Monday, November 8, 2021

November 8, 2021 - New Arrivals

November 8, 2021

Adult Fiction

When Ghosts Come Home by Wiley Cash.

When the roar of a low-flying plane awakens him in the middle of the night, Sheriff Winston Barnes knows something strange is happening at the nearby airfield on the coast of North Carolina. But nothing can prepare him for what he finds: a large airplane has crash-landed and is now sitting sideways on the runway, and there are no signs of a pilot or cargo. When the body of a local man is discovered--shot dead and lying on the grass near the crash site--Winston begins a murder investigation that will change the course of his life and the fate of the community that he has sworn to protect. Everyone is a suspect, including the dead man. As rumors and accusations fly, long-simmering racial tensions explode overnight, and Winston, whose own tragic past has followed him like a ghost, must do his duty while facing the painful repercussions of old decisions. Winston also knows that his days as sheriff may be numbered. He's up for re-election against a corrupt and well-connected challenger, and his deputies are choosing sides. As if these events weren't troubling enough, he must finally confront his daughter Colleen, who has come home grieving a shattering loss she cannot fully articulate.


The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang.

"When violinist Anna Sun accidentally achieves career success with a viral YouTube video, she finds herself incapacitated and burned out from her attempts to replicate that moment. And when her longtime boyfriend announces he wants an open relationship before making a final commitment, a hurt and angry Anna decides that if he wants an open relationship, then she does, too. Translation: She's going to embark on a string of one-night stands. The more unacceptable the men, the better. That's where tattooed, motorcycle-riding Quan Diep comes in. Their first attempt at a one-night stand fails, as does their second, and their third, because being with Quan is more than sex- he accepts Anna on an unconditional level that she herself has just started to understand. However, when tragedy strikes Anna's family, she takes on a role that she is ill-suited for, until the burden of expectations threatens to destroy her. Anna and Quan have to fight for their chance at love, but to do that, they also have to fight for themselves"-- Provided by publisher.


An Impossible Promise by Jude Deveraux & Tara Sheets.

Liam O'Connor has one purpose in this life--to push the woman he loves into the arms of another man. The Irish rogue unknowingly changed the course of destiny when he fell in love with Cora McLeod over a century ago. Their passion was intense, brief and tragic. And the angels have been trying to restore the balance of fate ever since. Now police officers in Providence Falls, North Carolina, Liam and Cora are partners on a murder investigation. The intensity of the case has drawn them closer together--exactly what Liam is supposed to avoid. The angels have made it clear Cora must be with Finley Walsh. But headstrong Cora makes her own decisions and she's starting to have feelings for Liam--the only thing he's ever really wanted. Liam knows this is the last chance to save his soul. But does he love Cora enough to let her go?


Adult Non-Fiction

Stay, Daughter by Yasmin Azad.

This sharply insightful memoir depicts a young Muslim girls struggle to balance the traditions of a loving yet conservative father, who wants to keep her safe, against the more liberal Westernized Sri Lankan world outside.


Landslide by Michael Wolff.

We all witnessed some of the most shocking and confounding political events of our lifetime: the careening last stage of Donald J. Trump's reelection campaign, the president's audacious election challenge, the harrowing mayhem of January 6, the buffoonery of the second impeachment trial. But what was really going on in the inner sanctum of the White House during these calamitous events? What did the president and his dwindling cadre of loyalists actually believe? And what were they planning? Michael Wolff pulled back the curtain on the Trump presidency with his #1 bestselling blockbuster Fire and Fury. Now, in Landslide, he closes the door on the presidency with a final, astonishingly candid account. Wolff embedded himself in the White House in 2017 and gave us a vivid picture of the chaos that had descended on Washington. Almost four years later, Wolff finds the Oval Office even more chaotic and bizarre, a kind of Star Wars bar scene. At all times of the day, Trump, behind the Resolute desk, is surrounded by schemers and unqualified sycophants who spoon-feed him the "alternative facts" he hungers to hear--about COVID-19, Black Lives Matter protests, and, most of all, his chance of winning reelection. Once again, Wolff has gotten top-level access and takes us front row as Trump's circle of plotters whittles down to the most enabling and the president reaches beyond the bounds of democracy as he entertains the idea of martial law and balks at calling off the insurrectionist mob that threatens the institution of democracy itself. As the Trump presidency's hold over the country spiraled out of control, an untold and human account of desperation, duplicity, and delusion was unfolding within the West Wing. Landslide is that story as only Michael Wolff can tell it.


Easy/Juvenile/Young Adult/Graphic Novel

What is the Coronavirus Disease COVID-19? by Michael Burgan.  J NF

The coronavirus disease COVID-19 emerged in November 2019. By March 2020, cities all around the world closed schools, offices, restaurants and other public spaces deemed "non-essential" in an attempt to contain the fast-spreading virus. People struggled to follow government orders, stay indoors, and limit contact with others.
But the virus that caused one of the world's deadliest pandemics eventually killed over two million people worldwide. This is the story of how COVID-19 changed the world seemingly overnight, and forever.


The Avengers: Enter the Phoenix by Jason Aaron.  GN

The planet-burning cosmic firebird known as the Phoenix Force has returned - and the Avengers are drawn into a globe-spanning battle for ultimate power! In the distant past of One Million B.C.E., one young girl's only crime was being born with red hair...and her destiny will change human history forever! In the present, the Phoenix Force searches the globe for a new avatar - and many of Marvel's most powerful heroes and villains are contenders! As the battle to wield the Phoenix grows ever bloodier and more desperate, Thor leads the Avengers in a fight to contain it. But the quest is complicated by the Thunder God's mysterious connection to the cosmic firebird! Who will be the all-new Phoenix?! Plus: Blade pays a dark price in the fight against the King in Black!

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Friday, November 5, 2021

November 5, 2021 - Staff Reviews

By Lori Foster
Release Date: June 1, 2021
Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3 Stars - A quick, enjoyable small town romance perfect for Foster fans and anyone looking to pass a little time. Colt and Charish were still pretty young to do all the looking back they did but they had a sweet stroll down memory lane to bring them back together. Some of the pickier romance readers will have complaints but not many.

I wasn't overly familiar with the series of short novels this family of Colt's inhabits. But I caught onto the family dynamics quickly enough. Colt's only in his mid-twenties but he's a good mix of old enough to know better but still too young to care. He's a got a good job, helps out his family, and when he sees Charish is back, he wastes no time showing her the responsible and caring man he's become. Charish has a big secret that's brought her back to town, which comes out soon enough. She's a nurse who has spent her time away caring for ill relatives and is ready to live life more for her. She could have used a bit more personality though, some quirks are usually appreciated in this author's heroines.

Now, one can't complain when reading a novella how fast these two fell back in love. Or they were always in love? I had a bit of trouble buying that part since they were apparently really busy over the six years apart but still found time to sleep with other people. I'm fine with characters having other relationships in between but these two didn't exactly seem "done" with their last flings or whatever the case was supposed to be. There's a huge awkward factor to overcome in the first few pages where Colt is running from Heidi's bed to hook back up with Charish. And other than a couple chats, everything is hunky-dory. That's cute. Other than the baggage they're both toting in that regard, which they don't seem to care about, conflict is pretty much where to live and where the pet dogs are most comfortable. This is an easy, lazy read for the end of a long day or week for romance fans who just want to escape the real world for an hour or two.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

November 4, 2021 - Hunting for a Good Read?

Tired of hunting for a good book? Brooke County Libraries have some suggestions! All titles are available at one of our locations or in our ebook catalogue. 

Time to Hunt by Stephen Hunter
Then one idyllic day, a man, a woman, and a girl set out from the ranch on horseback. High on a ridge above a mountain pass, a thousand yards distant, a calm, cold-eyed shooter, one of the world's greatest marksmen, peers through a telescopic sight at the three approaching figures. Out of his tortured past, a mortal enemy has once again found Bob the Nailer. Time to Hunt proves anew why so many consider Stephen Hunter to be our best living thriller writer. With a plot that sweeps from the killing fields of Vietnam to the corridors of power in Washington to the shadowy plots of the new world order, Hunter delivers all the complex, stay-up-all-night action his fans demand in a masterful tale of family heartbreak and international intrigue--and shows why, for Bob Lee Swagger, it's once again time to hunt. 

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs
Anna Latham didn't know how complicated life could get - until she became a werewolf. And now she's not just part of any pack, but under the direct supervision of Bran, leader of the North American werewolves. And her mate is his son Charles, the pack enforcer. With all the advances that have been made in forensics, the werewolves will not be able to hide their existence from humans much longer - and Bran wants their coming out party to be on his terms. But his European counterparts don't see things the same way. Anna and Charles are chosen to represent Bran at a key meeting. But when a French werewolf, one of Bran's most vocal opponents, is found murdered, Charles's reputation shoots him to the top of the suspect list. 

Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper
Kay Hooper pulls readers into the depths of absolute terror with a chilling thriller that pits two natural adversaries against each other in the ultimate game of cat and mouse. One is a merciless human predator who strikes again and again, collecting ransom, getting away safely - and leaving his hostages dead. The other is Lucas Jordan, a psychic profiler in the Special Crimes Unit whose specialty is nothing less than. . . hunting.

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank
After following the advice from a manual called "How to Meet and Marry Mr Right", Jane learns that in love there is neither pattern nor promise. This is a funny collection of connected stories and a portrait of Jane, a woman maneuvering her way through love, sex and relationships.

Hunting Eve by Iris Johansen
In the second book of Iris Johansen's heart-stopping new Eve Duncan trilogy, the stakes get higher. Eve Duncan is on the run. Kidnapped by Jim Doane, a mysterious man who wants her to complete a sinister forensic sculpture, she now has no time to savor the victory of escaping from him.

The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy
Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. The Americans want her. The Russians want her back. And the most incredible chase in history is on...

The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul
In Manhattan Hunt Club John Saul plumbs the depths of the Manhattan underground--the network of subway tunnels and secret caverns and chambers where the homeless denizens of the city have created their own society. It's a world Jeff Converse, a young college student convicted of a crime he didn't commit, never knew existed until he is plunged into it after an "accident" that occurs while he is being transported to prison. He soon realizes that it's no accident, but the opening move in a deadly game being played by some of the city's most powerful men and women, a game in which he is the prey and they are the hunters. Jeff's only chance to make it to the surface and survive lies in allying himself with a homicidal maniac who's appointed himself the young man's protector, but whose designs on Jeff are almost as lethal as those of his enemies in the Manhattan Hunt Club.

The Hunt Ball by Rita Mae Brown
Even “Sister” Jane Arnold, master of the Jefferson Hunt Club, beloved by man and beast, is at a loss, although she knows better than anyone where the bodies are buried in this community of land-grant families and new-money settlers. Aided and abetted by foxes and owls, cats and hounds, Sister picks up a scent that leads her in a most unwelcome direction: straight to the heart of the foxhunting crowd. The chase is on, not only for foxes but also for a deadly human predator.

Hunting Badger by Tony Hillerman
Three men raid the gambling casino run by the Ute nation and then disappear into the maze of canyons on the Utah-Arizona border. When the FBI, with its helicopters and high-tech equipment, focuses on a wounded deputy sheriff as a possible suspect, Navajo Tribal Police Sergeant Jim Chee and his longtime colleague, retired Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, launch an investigation of their own. Chee sees a dangerous flaw in the federal theory; Leaphorn sees intriguing connections to the exploits of a legendary Ute bandit-hero. And together, they find themselves caught up in the most perplexing -- and deadly -- criminal manhunt of their lives. 

The Hunt Club by John Lescroart
private investigator Wyatt Hunt, Juhle’s best friend, finds himself smitten with the beautiful and enigmatic Andrea Parisi. A lawyer who recently has become a celebrity as a commentator on Trial TV, Andrea has star power in spades, and seems bound for a national anchor job in New York City. Until Juhle discovers that Andrea, too, had a connection to the judge, along with a client that had everything to gain from the judge’s death.

Hunting Season by PT Deutermann
Relying on the specialized tactics and lethal maneuvers from his man-hunting past as an Agency "sweeper," he mounts his own search and investigation. Crossing paths with the Bureau and other government agencies, Kriess becomes targeted for retrieval by one of his own kind. As he tracks through a deadly maze of political scandal, personal revenge, and high-level corruption, Kriess discovers that it's hunting season-on himself, his family, and, ultimately, the United States government.

Daddy's Gone A Hunting by Mary Higgins Clark
Ashes reveal a startling and grisly discovery, and provoke a host of suspicions and questions. Was the explosion deliberately set? What was Kate—tall, gorgeous, blond, a CPA for one of the biggest accounting firms in the country, and sister of a rising fashion designer—doing in the museum when it burst into flames? Why was Gus, a retired and disgruntled craftsman, with her at that time of night? What if someone isn't who he claims to be?

 Hunting Season by Nevada Barr
The quiet beauty of autumn on Mississippi's Natchez Trace is swiftly shattered when Anna answers a call to Mt. Locust, once a working plantation and inn, now a tourist spot. But the man Anna finds in an old bedroom is no tourist in distress. He's nearly naked and very dead-his body bearing marks consistent with sex games gone awry. On a writing table nearby is an open Bible with ominous passages circled in red. There are secrets that prominent men in this God-fearing country wish to keep under wraps-and Anna has stumbled into a nest of them.

Did we leave out any of your favorite "hunt" stories? Let us know! We would love to hear from you in our comment section or on any of our social media pages.

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