Thursday, December 8, 2022

December 8, 2022 - BCPL Resume Tips

Welcome back, resume warriors! We like your dedication - checking in with us during the holiday season. Brooke County Libraries have one last tip to share this year on how to make your resume shine!

Resume Tip #26 - Leave out personal details.

While it's tempting to include on your resume why you took two years off or have been looking for steady work for six months - resist!

Potential employers will ask about your personal life and/or any gaps in your resume during your interview. Don't confuse a job profile with a dating profile, though it's easy to get confused with all the online updates nowadays! "Single mom of three searching for part time receptionist work!" is not a good idea.

There may be a small section called a summary at the top of your resume template that the only acceptable place to include any personal details of your life history. Those should even so be kept short and sweet such as "Work at home mom looking to rejoin workforce at a full time capacity" or "Long time student and lover of learning ready to share my knowledge with a hand-on full time position". Make sure you make it about why you're ready for the next (or maybe even first) big job!

Yes, understanding that you took time off to care for a sick relative, nurse your own injuries or illnesses, or to raise children is an important component of who you are! 

But the reasoning behind your job history, schooling, or time off is usually irrelevant in the face of other candidates. Everyone has a personal story! Maybe your competition spent a full year backpacking through Europe whereas you extended your maternity or paternity leave. Neither possibility will convince a potential employer to call for that interview, and you can always talk about your dreams, goals, and personal life briefly at the face-to-face meeting.

That's all for today! Have a healthy, happy, holiday season; and here's to hoping for all our followers to find great jobs in the new year! 

Remember, your local library is always available for job hunt tips, resume help, and more!


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