Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January 12, 2021 - Staff Reviews

 Fortune and Glory

By Janet Evanovich
Release Date: November 3, 2020
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3 Stars - The new Plum novel fell just short of my expectations. The punchy dialouge and humor are still here, and Stephanie's the same as ever. Though as many of us long time fans have been saying, the latter may be a problem. Evanovich has managed to weave a slightly different tale in this one with the treasure hunt afoot, giving a new purpose to our heroine and her quirky counterparts. King narrates well as always.

I actually was excited for 27 because 26 was more like the Plum novels of old. There wasn't a plethora of reality shows or zombies, etc. And I thought the treasure hunt aspect was introduced through Grandma Mazur in a smart and at least semi plausible way. But as usual, the beginning of this book felt like about 10 steps back from where the previous ended. Steph and Lula are trolling for weird fugitives and talking a bit too bluntly about body parts. 

A few scenes felt out of place, as if maybe intended for the previous book and carried over (like the tunnel early on). And this book had more suspense scenes being squashed by humor. Sometimes it's okay, but why make scary bad guys if are also major losers? Remember back in the early days of Plum when there was danger? Speaking of danger, Stephanie early on saying how much she misses Morelli and then hopping in bed with Ranger is just gross. The last couple books where she and Morelli had just seemed to have decided to be commitment phobic together were better. This entry felt again like Evanovich pandering to keep all fans happy by pulling out all the old tricks. And I no longer have much hope for the new direction it seemed we were headed with this series. Highlights were the scene at the Margo, Stephanie's self-appointed bodyguard, the funeral, and of course the food.


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