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 Staff Review

Miss Fix It
By Emma Hart
Release Date: May 1, 2018
Audiobook Available from WV Reads

3 Stars - If you're a sucker for a romance story with adorable little kids, look no further. Likable handy woman Kali's connection with single dad Brantley grows as she is fixing up two child bedrooms. But be aware Emma Hart's work here is definitely not PG. This slow burn romance has a racy side. 

Full disclosure: this was part audio read and part ebook but a seemless transition. I really think this book suffered greatly not having Brantley's point of view. I like my books with a mix of perspectives either in third person or multiple character first person. But Kali's head isn't a bad place to be. I genuienely clicked with her. My bestie and I also love Twizzlers on our girls nights and Friends reruns from way before we were old enough to drink wine. And I loved that she was confident enough not to lower her standards and wanted to wait for the right guy, not just the next best guy to come along. Her way of holding back with Brantlet was understandable but maybe went on a little too long. Elizabeth Hart did a pretty good job with Kali's POV as well.

The romantic comedy genre is booming but I was reading Emma Hart back when she wrote mostly grittier new adult. This one doesn't have quite sparkling banter but plenty of tension between hero and heroine. And the comedy turned a little too much body part humor for me sometimes. The family aspect here was enjoyable too, not just Brantley and the twins who stole the show. But I also enjoyed Kali with her dad and stepmom. I would have liked to see Brantley put his foot down a little more with the kids though. Kali was hardly in a place to become the tough parent, and while he didn't let them run roughshod over her, they apparently did it to him often. And the baby talk was a little much after awhile. But the sweet, steadily building relationship between both Kali and Brantley and Kali and the kids was smile worthy. The last quarter or so of the book was a bit anticlimatic for me, but no real complaints. This was a solidly cute, fun read start to finish.


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