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January 6, 2021 - Staff Reviews



By Sawyer Bennett

Release Date: July 2, 2020
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2.5 Stars - I want to like this series because it's set in Pittsburgh near my hometown and Bennett does romantic suspense well. Again though, this one unwhelmed me. Malik and Anna make a cute couple, struggling to overcome their respective emotional scars. I read along steadily, never bored, felt like things really picked up about halfway. But I had trouble getting really immersed in this story.

The Jameson series is not one from Bennett that's really held my attention. It's so serious and seems like the steamy series get allocated to her Wicked ones. Although, her hockey novels still have a good mesh of the two dynamtics. But at least I did finish this entry. Malik is actually the brother of a couple hockey player heroes but he seems far removed from that world here. He's quiet and healing from emotional and physical trauma, but not overly broody. Anna on the other hand is sweet and fairly open, but she's dealing with her own struggles.

I was looking forward to the single mom trope, Anna grateful for the company and security of Malik's subtle and reassuring presence in her life. But she was a little boring. The baby didn't have the slightly personality and motherhood was basically breastfeeding and talk here. (Harsh, I know.) She's has a fairly interesting background but now works the most boring job at Jameson. Malik is relegated to helping her while he recovers. So he doesn't get to be much of a bad boy or show off his skills. Sidenote: I really hate therapy sessions as a plot device. They feel like so much telling and so little showing. Jimmy's death hangs awkwardly between these two for most off the book, putting a damper on the romance side. I think I just turned out to be the wrong audience, expecting suspense. There's good dialouge and interesting back-and-forth with likable enough leads, but I'd say pick this for a fast or easy read, not an engrossing all-out love story.


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