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January 19, 2021 - Staff Reviews

The Virgin and The Rogue

By Sophie Jordan

Release Date: April 28, 2020
Ebook Available from WV Reads!

2.5 Stars - An interesting and somewhat unique romance from the Rogue series. Charlotte and Kingston make a formidable and enteraining pair. But a few description details threw me for a loop once reading, and I had some hang ups while enjoying this story. Jordan's characters are likable as always though. A quick and fun historical, possibly something a bit quirky for fans of the genre.

Possibly, I just have enjoyed Jordan's contemporary romances more. If I've read her historicals before, I simply don't rememebe. Kingston was not quite as hollow and/or broody as many historical romance "rogues". His concern for Charlotte came through as genuiene and sweet. Charlotte I struggled with more, perhaps because the description made me think I would relate as a boring, practical middle sister. I didn't see much evidence of that. Charlotte was certainly intriguing and had few dull moments in this story! Also the book was not tagged as a series and I did feel a little lost in relation to Charlotte's and her sisters and their relationships.

The next part might be considered spoiler-y. But I think I need to talk about it. The beginning third of so of the book focuses on Charlotte's reaction to an exlir and the subsequent results. The potion concocted for her by her sister unintentionally is portrayed as similar to a college girl popping ecstasy or something in a night club and jumping the next man she dirty dances with. But honestly, this whole deal confused me. Charlotte feels miserable physically but she can't resist (literally) Kingston? She and Kingston both reign in their self control just enough to keep her a virgin but go their semi separate ways? Not to mention the way her POV was written has me dizzy. This weird description style happened again when she has an anxiety attack trying on her wedding dress. Also how were we to believe Charlotte was mousy and boring? She tells us. Multiple times. I wanted to appreciate her struggle to break out of her logical side and fall in love with Kingston. But, I didn't really get the connection until long into the book.


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