Friday, June 18, 2021

June 18, 2021 - Staff Reviews

Armed & Fabulous
By Camilla Chafer
Release Date: March 31, 2013
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3 Stars - This straightforward mystery has a touch more violence and sex appeal than the average cozy. But all the fun cozy elements are here and wrapped up in a fast pace adventure. The start of the Lexi Graves series is quite the ride.

Our amateur sleuth star Lexi has a really weird career path. Half of her immediate family members are cops but I think she went into the army before becoming a professional office temp. She spends her days pretending to look busy because she's smarter than her coworkers. Lexi's more sassy than sweet and has great taste in apartments, clothes, and friends. I needed a tree to map out her huge family but there's plenty of quirkiness to suit fans of Janet Evanovich, Gemma Halliday, or Nancy Martin.

I do have some complaints, however, that will probably keep me from continuing this series by Chafer. This was my first and for a change I started at the beginning. First off, the token love triangle here is not impressive for me. Solomon and Maddox are basically the same guy. And Lexi comes off really flighty and bit hormonal when talking about men. Also I think Chafer didn't know when to keep it simple. Lexi's job history wasn't well explained. And she is self-proclaimed ambitious but lacking direction. I can get some of that but sometimes less is more in character development. I felt like she just kept piling on new things to please a reader out there somewhere. Her word choices were so redundant at times and narrator Vanessa Daniels was absolutely no help with that inflection-wise.


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