Tuesday, June 29, 2021

June 29, 2021 - Staff Reviews

By Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: September 15, 2020
Ebook Available from WV Reads!

3.5 Stars - An excellent friends to lovers romance and entry in the AZ hockey series. Kane and Mollie's story is sprinkled with lots of good stuff from suspense to steamy scenes to a childhood sweethearts vibe. Bennett's got another easy and fun read here. I was hooked from the beginning.

Obviously to anyone following along, I'm reading this series out of order. But honestly, with the exception of numerous obvious plugs for the other couples, they can be standalones. Kane didn't intrigue me much in his snippets in other books but he was great. I loved how understand and protective was of Mollie. And Mollie was a nice mix of self-sufficient and unafraid to ask for help. These two just made such a cute pair with their long history and equal affection toward each other. There's a refreshingly lack of back and forth here. These two know what they want once they take the next step.

I can never believe I enjoy this series so much more than the Jameson one. There's a delicious scoop of suspense in this story with Mollie's mostly off-page stalker that is more intriguing to me than half the plots at Jameson, which is marketed as romantic suspense. Matthew isn't exactly a strong villian but there's enough menace surrounding him to keep things interesting. A few things did bother me in this book that kept it from being a perfect little read. The opener with Nalia felt distasteful and pointless. I don't need a post sex scene with a hookup to prove the guy is wanted by women. This reminded me of a Harper Sloan book from years ago anyway, trying to show he cares more about his bestie than the girl in his bed. Also the last few chapters with their token break up to make up didn't flow for me. I wasn't buying that fight at all. But overall, I loved Mollie and Kane and I loved them together. I'm sure I'll be weaving in and out of this series again. This entry wouldn't be a bad place to start.


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