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June 9, 2021 - Staff Reviews


House Privilege
By Mike Lawson
Release Date: July 7, 2020
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3 Stars - A quick but exciting late entry in the Joe Demarco series. Lawson's plot is refreshingly easy to follow while maintaining the deep mystery feel. This book is filled with shady politicians, sinister villians, and everyday protagonists. While it's short and there's not a lot to sink your teeth into, it's a straightforward and entertaining thriller.

This puts me back to reading the Demarco series for the first time since 2014. But I didn't feel lost or out of touch with it. Joe's a likable guy with a hint of anti-hero in him. Most people wouldn't like the character of a crooked politician's "fixer", but it really works somehow. Also, it's worth noting this is a political thriller in many ways but this one isn't all about politics. Joe's attempts to take care of Cassie are the kind of sweet but funny bungling that's a great addition to many stories. Of course, he could do a better job on the security angle but it makes for plenty of intense scenes.

I'm a big believer that a hero/heroine is most of the time only as good as the villian. And boy did we ever get a cold, calculating villian here. It was impossible not to really feel for the victim, a newly orphaned teenage girl. This a perfect read/listen for anyone busy or easily distracted. The simple to follow storyline doesn't lack for intrigue. But in this day and age of so many convulted plots and character introspection, it was nice to have a book I could pause and resume without needing to remember minute characters, scenes, and details. Lawson doesn't leave you panting for the secrets to be revealed. He lets the reader enjoy them too. Joe Barrett did an excellent job narrating as well. He isn't many favorite but I'm never disappointed with his performance. Despite having unique voice, he really is skilled at changing it up for dialouge. The whole spiel in the second half of chasing the crooks around got a bit convoluted. But there was plenty of excitement to make up for the craziness and unrealistic side. 


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