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June 4, 2021 - Staff Reviews

Beyond Reckless
By Autumn Jones Lake
Release Date: January 17, 2017
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3 Stars - A super steamy, slightly less than thrilling start to the love story of Charlotte and Marcel aka Teller. I knew I was jumping into a series but had no idea about the cliffhanger so I was a bit displeased. Charlotte and Teller are both surprisingly sweet people after their initial thorny behavior toward each other. Worth a read, especially for fans of MC romances.

An intro from the author said this is not the beginning of the series but maybe not a bad place to start. I definitely think starting from the first book for this one would add to the enjoyment now (but I have a short attention span with series.) I did read Bullets and Bonfires and that was how I ended up here. In the beginning, the time hopping confused me. And I had trouble keeping track of people. Charlotte came off as a crabby, less than stellar custody attorney and Teller was a bit more gruff and impatient than needed. But sparks were flying and when they finally got their second chance, settled down, and starting building a real relationship, both were way more likable.

This definitely feels like the plot of half a book. I'm not huge fan of this method of hooking the reader because it leads to things getting drawn out and a little dull. The connection between this couple was quickly established and things got hot and heavy early on. I'm still really interested in Charlotte's murky past with her uncle and his own club, but that's left completely open by the end. About halfway through, Teller and Charlotte end up bickering and making themselves miserable, which I could have done without. The conflict felt a bit contrived, but again when they were being a couple and enjoying each other and their families, etc, no complaints. And that was most of the book. Around 3/4 of the way through, there was some party they attended where people were snapping amd arguing with each other and I just felt really lost. It was kinda resolved and passed over. If I had one true problem, it's like every time I thought the suspense was about to get dialed up, it fizzled out instead. It's something well written and fun to try, especially for fans of dirtier romances or motorcycle club stories.


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